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Andrea Cuda

Born in Toronto,On

Lives & works in GTA


Andrea Cuda is a versatile cinematographer who has lensed several different film and television projects of varying budgets and styles, from short films, House on Carter (2019) and Cancel the F**king Internet (2016), to television series, Zerby Derby (2017) and the HGTV series Bahamas Life, and Hawai'i Hunters (2018-2019). Andrea works with directors and producers of varying tastes, effortlessly capturing the beauty of each project and translating visuals that leave a lasting impression in the audience's subconscious. 

Technological advances in cinema have created boundless options for telling stories. Andrea adheres to the original ideal that visual story-telling and expressing the truth in every moment is in the knowing. The old-world skill of deciphering the most effective tool in the quiver to pull out to capture a specific emotion that will connect the audience to the story. Andrea equates this to slowly wrapping the audience in the blanket of the story's purpose, making them a part of the process before revealing the core truth. Andrea believes this is where the power is held. It is the strength of some of the greatest cinema of our time and the most memorable print and video advertisements.

This ideal has lead Andrea to take visual risks with his collaborators that have paid off thoroughly. In the short film Jackie (2016), he and the director had to figure out a way to synchronize a split-screen film to play side by side. Once again, able to decipher the right tool, Andrea believes in the importance of pushing the language of visuals.  Andrea loves adapting and finding new solutions to old problems. When he is not out taking photographs or shooting a project, he enjoys sharing time with friends discussing life, art, and society, as well as hiking and exploring with his daughter Olive.


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