​Growing up Andrea was a student of classical cinema. He devoured the works of Nyquist, Storaro, Fellini, Kubrick, and Goddard. Realizing that his classical style required a modern edge, Andrea applied and was quickly accepted into York University’s competitive Film Production Program. There his precision lighting and classical sensibilities quickly found him footing among his peers, while his hyper-stylized applications of colour and movement set him apart from the pack.

Over the course of his four year degree, Andrea’s work has contributed to countless short films in both the narrative and documentary fields, several of which have seen success at festivals in Canada and internationally. Andrea himself was recognized with the 2012 Best Cinematography award at Toronto’s Cinesiege festival, for one such film.

Since his time at York, Andrea has laid his hand to all manner of lighting and camera work, including both fictional and factual entertainment for the big and small screens.

He’d never admit it, but Andrea is both a curat
or of moving images, and a glutton for punishment. He loves the challenge each new project brings and is never happier than when shepherding that project from script to screen through his meticulous ministrations, and with his singular vision.

Andrea has the ability to enhance a strong story by working to ensure that the cohesiveness of the image and cinematography reinforce the subtext of the story being told. He curates every image and frame on the screen, as he believes that a story can be dramatically influenced by choices of framing, composition, lighting and colour. His passion for cinematography stems from the fact that the discipline is a journey of growth;

In between working furiously on new projects, Andrea spends the odd day on the couch with his English bulldog Pork Chop. No one is sure who enjoys this time more.